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Traurige Wahrheit: Traumstrände voller Müll

Weiße lange Sandstrände, türkises, kristallklares Wasser, strahlender Sonnenschein und luxuriöse Liegen - so stellen wir uns doch alle die Traumstrände der Welt vor. Ob auf Bali, in Indonesien oder auf Hawaii, meist denken wir nicht an irgendeine Art von Umweltverschmutzung. Die Bloggerin Amelia Whelan zeigt jetzt die harte Realität der Traumstrände der Welt.

So sehen nicht alle Strände der Welt aus

© Filip Fuxa/123RF

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We pull over When red car doors cannot keep us from illuminated horizons We need space When you rise bellowing morning sails and I tip over sea cliff edges We use time while wild orchids latch to our hammock like intertwined fingers We loose nothing because everything can be found in the sand beneath our new moon light ?

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This is Bali. This is the Philippines. This is Asia. This is Indonesia. This is Hawaii. This is the real sh*t that you don't see on your newsfeed. This is the beach right outside the popular tourist destination you and your friends have had on your bucket list for years. This is the beach right next to the famous surf break you've always dreamed of paddling out at. This is the beach around the corner from the cute hipster cafe that sells those fancy açaí bowls you've always wanted to try. This is the beach directly below the beautiful infinity pool you've always wanted to take a photo in. This is the beach our children will grow up on. This is the beach I'll grow up on. This is the beach today. This is merely a minuscule fraction of the devastation. If you gain anything from this page or my content on social media, please let it be this - Collectively, we must make a change. Immediately. The most effective way to do this, is to change the way you live first. No one is perfect. I am not perfect. But we can strive to improve our actions each day. Swipe through to see more. I cried while walking down this beach yesterday capturing these photos. I wish each one of you could walked along side me. Travel the world. And then change it for the better. Go with love. Go with motivation.

Une publication partagée par Amelia Whelan (@saltsandandsmoothies) le

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